About Us ::
At The Precious Pixel, we believe we are the pioneers in the art of digital wedding photography. Seven years ago when most studios were shooting traditional film, we had the vision to convert to digital photography. As a result, we have been able to take advantage of modern technology and its innovations, which as you know, has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Our primary objective is to provide magnificent service at a reasonable price. We rely on referrals by keeping our clients happy to keep our business growing.
Wedding photography requires great professional skills along with exceptional personality not to mention endless patience and a positive attitude and that's why our approach to selecting photographers is very meticulous. All our artists go through a mandatory, rigorous training program to ensure that our highest standards are met. This results in a collection of mesmerizing images for you to cherish forever. And to take it a notch further, our graphic designers are there to make them even more enchanting if needed.
We promise you will not regret entrusting your most fragile moments to The Precious Pixel !
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